RIVER`S EMPEROR PENDANT Reference BM-15002103 PRODUCT: 18K Yellow Gold, 18k White Gold, 999 Gold, 999 Silver MOKUME-GANE: Red Gold 585, Silver 925, Palladium 950, Silver 935 INSERTS: Brilliants 133 pcs, 0.86 ct, Brilliants Champagne 89 pcs, 0.77 ct, Sapphire Yellow […]


RIVER’S EMPEROR RAZOR Accessories Reference BM-99810000-2 Product: Sterling silver Mokume-Gane: Red Gold 585, Silver 925 Rhodium Plating Enamel Weight: 55-70 g *BUUNT luxury jewellery is individually produced and thus the weight and carats of each product can vary from the […]