INCEPTUM Collection     Inseptum is translated from Latin as “the beginning of a new life”. The “Inseptum” studs are created through the principle of the perfect “golden ratio”. Double faced studs allow their owner to manipulate the look of the product. […]


LA ALMA Collection      Mokume-Gane insertion of «La Alma» pendant, with its strict gold frame studded with diamonds, is like a soul. The pattern on the metal is as unique as any of us. See all collection “La Alma”


WATER RIPPLES Collection The distinct form of the cufflinks, covered by diamonds, appear to tame the raging surface of Mokume-Gane. These cufflinks have merged conciseness, rigor, respectability and control over a storm of emotions. «Water ripple» – is the choice […]


BUUNT Collection     BUUNT’s almost weightless earrings will add levity and playfulness to your dynamic character. The shine of the diamond paths will emphasize your dazzling charm. See all collection “Buunt”