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Mokume-Gane is the name of metal crafting technique that was invented in Japan 3-4 centuries ago. Its name is directly translated as “Pine’s Metal Wood” because the metal patterns visually resemble a tree fracture. The whole process is a very labour-intensive and expensive, and requires substantial jewelry skills. At times almost unmatchable metals combine into one and create unique beautiful patterns, which could never be repeated.

The secret of Mokume-Gane technique is based on the fundamental knowledge about metals and their features. Several different metals are sliced and coupled together, and then undergo a thermal process to increase their temperature, but not to melt them. This technique bakes the metals into each other and creates an unbreakable bond.

There is a lot of objects created through this style, but it was never a very popular technique because of the production complexity. If a normal ring can be produced in a day and the same ring using the Mokume-Gane technique we will take a week to create.

The transformation of something regular into the incredible, filed with the magic fire of alchemy,which has a direct relation with the world around us – that is what the real Mokume-Gane technique truly is!

This process include the following steps:

  • preparation of plates of different metals
  • fusion of plates into a single whole
  • making of the unique Mokume-Gane pattern
  • adjustment of details in the product
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